The mission of Encore is to deliver high quality, environmentally responsible paints that invite artists everywhere to participate in the growing community using its creative gifts to solve a monumental environmental problem, one beautiful creative expression at a time.

The inspiration for Encore was launched out of Laguna Beach, California, where the founding team members live, work, and create. The town has an amazing history. For generations Laguna Beach has attracted some of the most creative talent in the world. From the gifted artists that create beautiful collections that cover the walls of some of the most impressive homes ever built, to the original music that Echo’s through the town on any given night. The seed that was planted in the founders at Encore is a great example of community influence. 

The inspiration to bring all these elements together was forged in
relationships bonded with the love of the artistic gifts that this community has been blessed with.  In that spirit, you will enjoy our artist profiles.

At Encore, we believe that
these wonderful gifts, the ability to express a feeling, to make a person feel something personal when they look a canvas, the emotion that a song imprints on you when you first hear it for the first time. These are all intertwined.